Chapter 6: HDForwarder

In the previous chapters I have taught you a few spells, now it is time to move on to something even more powerful: enchantments.

This enchantment will turn any address into a forwarder. You can have as many forwarders as you want. To enchant an address you will need to access the admin panel, which is only accessible to the one that that performed the summoning ritual.

First you must choose the address to enchant. Since an enchanted address will actually send a transaction when it receives bitcoin, you will need to enter a private key. There are 2 ways to select an address, by entering a private key directly or by choosing an index number of the built-in BIP44 hot wallet. To use the BIP44 wallet, the wallet seed must be provided in the parameters of the app. Keep in mind the hot wallet should not be used for anything else!

Besides an address the second most important parameter to specify is an XPUB key. This will determine where the amounts are forwarded to.

You can give an forwarder a name, as well as a description of your intentions for it. And if you want, you can even link a youtube video.

A forwarder can be made public for all to see, but also kept private so only those with knowledge of its existence can access it.

Once the enchantment is complete and has been activated, the enchanted address will behave as follows: Every 10 minutes it will check if there are any unspent transaction outputs with at least 3 confirmations and a value higher than the specified minimum amount. If such a transaction output is found, its primeInputAddress is looked up to identify the sender of that transaction.

The “Linked Address List (LAL)” based on the parameters of the enchantment is looked up and then the amount is forwarded to the corresponding linked address.

There are a number of optional behaviours you can configure, such as charging a percentage based fee on each forwarding, or sending a fixed amount of bitcoin back to the sender as a sign of confirmation.

demo HDForwarder

A description for the demo forwarder. This is only a test. do not send bitcoins to this address.

Minumum amount: 0.005 BTC


Created by Wouter Glorieux on 2016-04-23 13:13

House Stark

Brothers and Sisters, Winter is coming, so we need to pool our resources! Send your Bitcoins to the following address. Robb Stark, King in the north

Minumum amount: 0.001 BTC


Created by WouterGlorieux on 2015-08-24 19:34